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Class of 2025

What does it mean to be a senior model?

Being a Class of 2025 senior model means you are a brand ambassador for Paisley Photography. As such, you will take part in fun (and free) portrait sessions, receive special discounts, and get to know other local seniors while spreading the word about Paisley Photography.

It's a wonderful opportunity and experience to add to your senior year. It also helps build your confidence and give you memories to truly capture the excitement and adventure of your senior year!

Take your senior year to the next level with multiple senior photo shoots that let your express yourself, show off your style, and celebrate you!  

It's your time to shine!
Becoming a senior model requires booking (and paying for) your senior session ($450) and completing the application form and model release. After that, you will be invited to take place in multiple themed group and individual photo shoots throughout the year. (Yes, you get 5+ sessions for the price of one!)

As a model, all you have to do is:
  • Smile for the camera (aka model for me).
  • Share images and behind-the-scene videos from your photo shoots on social media.
  • Serve as a brand ambassador for Paisley Photography and tell your friends about your experience.

No, you don't have to have any modeling experience—but you do have to be active on social media.

You must be a class of 2025 graduating senior from an Anne Arundel County school (public or private)

You must have a positive attitude and be willing to show off your personality and style.

You must agree that for your whole senior year, you will exclusively use Paisley Photography for senior-specific photos. (This excludes having your pictures taken at school by the hired school picture/yearbook photographer and photo sessions coordinated for sports teams and other extracurricular activities.)

You must share photos and videos about each of your photo sessions at least twice on social media after you receive your images, tagging Paisley Photography and using hashtags #paisleyperfect and #paisleysenior.

How does it work?
What is required of me?

The Model Experience

Senior models get pampered throughout their senior year of high school! It starts with scheduling your traditional senior session, then you can take part in:

  • Exclusive themed sessions throughout the year:
  • Beach (August 10 or 11)
  • Carnival (October 5 or 6--Annapolis Mall)
  • Theme TBD (March)
  • A cap and gown and college reveal session in the spring

You will also receive:
  • Downloadable shareable images from each of your sessions
  • 20% off prints, wall art, photo creations, and albums
  • Referral bonuses for each friend who gets their senior pictures from Paisley Photography! (i.e., print credit, extra digitals, more sessions)

The Benefits of Being a Model

Complete the application by July 10, 2024.

Make sure your parents know you’re applying because once I get your application, I’ll be back in touch with you and your parents to schedule your fall senior portrait session.

I’ll then add you to an Instagram group with the other Class of 2025 models to start planning our group photo shoots! Our first group shoot will be this August and include light refreshments so you and the other models can get to know each other.

Make sure you follow Paisley Photography on Instagram ( and Facebook ( --if you have it).

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